Problem with a Bosch Washer Not Spinning or Draining


Everyday , I get a few people call my repair company aaa telling me their washer is not draining or spinning. Wow, it is so obvious to me what is wrong, just a simple process of elimination. I never thought on my repair training course, that the tutor was actually right! He said the customers will call you(providing you do the right sort of marketing) and tell you what is wrong with their machine. Dah No way I thought! If they tell me what is wrong with their machine, why the heck are they going to pay me to fix it. It’s simple really even though most people know what is not happening they don’t know what is the cause. So bare with me and I’ll let you know a few trade secrets.. 1, when a customer says their machine is not draining or spinning: this is code for a pump failure or blockage: reason: A machine can not spin when it is full of water. the manufacturer has installed a safty feature that will not let the machine spin unless it is empty, it is called the pressure system it is a simple device comprised of a plastic tube and a diaphram. Solution : replace the pump or remove debris obstructing the movement of impellor. £price for repair from £45-£90 depending on repairer and part cost. Not Spinning is another common problem but the drum has to be empty. If it is empty of water then it means. You need to check if drum turns manually, just stick your arm in the drum and give it a turn if it spins freely for a few revolutions then the belt is off. Was the machine noisy before it stoped spinning If so this means it could be the bearings. turn the drum again and listen for a rumbling noise. if it is quiet hold one of the paddles and turn the drum firmly pushing slightly on it and feel for vibration. it could be that the belt has stretched and come off. incidently this only happens on certain zanussi,electrolux,AEG and tricity. You will just need to replace belt. Belts do wear out, but typically nowadays your belt will out last the machine. they should last about 10 years or so.. Ok we’ve decided the drum turns but only a quarter to half turn unless I push hard then maybe one turn. THis is normal the drum is restrained because of the friction caused by the belt and motor. Another common problem with washers not spinning is due to the brushes/carbons wearing down on the motor. basically if the brushes/carbons don’t touch the commutator or armiture then the current can’t flow through it to give rotation. This fault will typically happen if a machine is 5 years plus old and used 4-5 times a week if thit has happened sooner YOU ARE OVER LOADING it. Solution: replace brushes/carbons Costing: depending on machine parts and repairer £35-£98 WORDs of advice if you have a bosch neff or siemens washer that is 5-7 years old and you use 4-5 times a week. get it serviced by a professional repairman company.Service = Pump & Brushes this could add 3-5 years to machine.. Another funny problem I’ve come across with Bosch Neff & Siemens washers is that if a 5p gets stuck in the filter housing it can sound like the drum bearings are on there way out. remedy clean filter out regular. Loading a washer any washer.. only half fill the drum. I can hear you say it there is more room or only one more pair of jeans or I haven’t got time to wait for another load or I KNOW MY MACHINES CAPABILITIES! Carry on then, would you like to pay for the extra repair now or later. You see by over loading your machine you’re creating more wear and tear on the motor, bearings drain pump and structure of the washer. almost everything in a machine is compromised when you overload it So please only do it if you can afford too. Oh I have to tell you this problem THE soap dispencer/draw won’t take conditioner. Ok this is because you fill it too high with conditioner. Take out the draw and look at the roof of the now empty compartment. it will be black with mould. get a dentist pick and a tooth brush and a sprayer and clean it. another trick you can safely USE.. My machine door seal is black and dirty. this is normally caused by funghi build up. caused by using liquid detergent( they have no bleaching agent in them. try using powder. My machine is smelly like the sewer. get some white vinegar 500ml to 1000ml and put in the drum of your machine on a 60-90 degree wash. Fingers crossed This will hopefully neutralise the smelly bacteria.

Disclaimer Richard Saupe the copyright holder of this written advice 2009 in no way takes any responsibility for any untrained person taking his advice in any way shape or form. please beware that a washing machine to the untrained can be a very dangerous piece of equipement. ALways disconnect before attempting any DIY repair, but this on it’s own, will not guarantee you against harm. Be careful very careful If in doubt call a professional. Let them assume the risk on your behalf.. Warmest regards Richard Saupe engineer, entrepreneur inventor and franchise holder of telephone 0800 44 88 999 Covering Essex and Suffolk and parts of east London Head Office Colchester

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